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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Container Types & Descriptions

tree seedlings and their container sizes


We primarily use a special styrofoam block container which has the
dimensions of 13 7/8 in.W x 23 5/8 in.L x 6 in.H. These blocks have a
matrix of holes (cavities) in which a single seedling is grown.

Container Type Description
Styroblock 2A 240 cavities,each with a volume of 2.3 and depth of 4.5 inches.
Styroblock 4A 198 cavities, each with a volume of 3.7 and a depth of 5+ inches.
Styroblock 4 160 cavities, with a 4.0 soil plug.
Styroblock 6 112 cavities, with a 6.0 soil plug.
Styroblock 77 77 cavities, with a 10.0 soil plug.
Styroblock 45 45 cavities, with a 20.0 soil plug.
Multipot (Multi) 45 cavities, 6.0 cu. in. soil plug.
Plant Bands (PB)

28 volume (2.5"D x 2.5"W x 5"H)











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