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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Specialists in Containerized Tree Seedlings for Reforestation
Celebrating 32 Years of Quality Containerized Tree Seedlings

All nursery stock inspected and certified by 
State of Minnesota Dept. of Agr. certificate #20014426


Greenhouse-Containerized Tree Seedlings

Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. grows 5-6 million containerized tree seedlings in three crops per year. With our greenhouses utilizing co-generation heat from our local power station, and with our management efficiency, we are able to produce high quality containerized seedlings at low cost. In business for over 28 years, Itasca Greenhouse has grown to be a nationally known, trusted source for hardy containerized tree seedlings.

Our nursery is nestled in the woods of northern Minnesota, near the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, so our tree seedlings are hardy enough to withstand our beautiful but cold winters. In addition to our northern hardy conifer and hardwoods we also have some varieties that grow well for our warmer neighbors in the southern United States.

Plug seedlings offer many advantages including high survival rates, longer planting season, increased flexibility of planting schedule, and no planting check since the roots are protected in the soil plug and are planted with roots essentially undisturbed.

Custom and contract growing services are available to our customers who want specific trees grown.

This last year Eco Planet approached us about doing a documentary on Itasca Greenhouse. It has been exciting and an honor to have been selected for this documentary. Click here to view

Consulting Foresters and Tree Planters provide a wide range of services to private landowners, industry, and governmental agencies. On many occasions, we've been asked to provide a resource for these services throughout the US, therefore, we are now accepting applications for Consulting Foresters and Tree Planters. Upon receiving applications, we will establish an online registry with contact information. Click here for Consulting Foresters Application. Click here for Tree Planters Applications

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Tree Seedlings for Promotions and
Special Events

Experience the quality! Itasca Greenhouse has been providing specially packaged tree seedlings for special events and promotions for over 20 years. Choose from our selection of natural packaging that best meets your needs and we'll be glad to help you select the type seedling that is best for your climate. Tree seedlings given away as favors for special events, and promotions is a gift that keeps growing, keeps on giving and can last a life time. Regardless of the occasion, a tree seedling provides a living, lasting remembrance that can bring years of enjoyment.

Tree seedlings for promotional, tradeshows, weddings, memorials or any special event.

tree seedlings - tree saplings

Repellex ® Systemic Animal Repellent

Tree care and protection products

Tree Seedling Care & Protection Products

Check out our numerous tree care products to help give your tree seedlings a healthy start. Animal repellents and tree protectors offer protection from animal browse, while weed mats reduce the competition around each seedling. Deer net fence offers a more long term solution for controlling deer browsing. Help insure your tree plantings get established successfully.

Inoculating seedlings with beneficial mycorrhizae greatly improves the survival, growth rate and disease resistance as compared to seedlings with no or few mycorrhizae. The more severe the site conditions the more obvious the beneficial effect from the mycorrhizae.

Anti-transpirants offer added protection for your seedlings from water stress, and decreases damage from insects, disease, UV degradation, frost, windburn and other environmental factors. consider applying anti-transpirants to increase your seedlings survival and growth.


tree seedlings - tree saplings

Greenhouse Highlights & Specials

Check out some of our popular species!



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