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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Tree Seedling Availability -  To be determined

Conifers| Hardwoods


Container Sizes

4s - 3.3 cu. in. plug 20/bundle

6s/6 - 4.9/6.6 cu. in. plug 10-15/bundle

10s - 7.6 cu. in. plug 10/bundle

SR50 - 7.0 cu. in. plug 4/bundle

38/38D - 9.0/11.7 cu. in. plug 4/bundle

20s/20 - 15.3/20.5 cu. in. plug 4/bundle

ARP25 - 21.0 cu. in. plug 4/bundle

ABP - 24.2/38.5 cu. in., each minimum 52

BT36 - 41.5 cu. in., each minimum 52



Tree Species      
Container Size Quantity When Available
Eastern Red Cedar 4s    
Eastern Red Cedar 10s    
Eastern Red Cedar ABP/BT36    
White Cedar
White Cedar ABP/BT36    
Balsam Fir 4s    
Balsam Fir 38D    
Balsam Fir 20s    
Balsam Fir ABP    
Canaan Fir
Canaan Fir 20s    
Concolor Fir 4s    
Concolor Fir ARP25    
Corkbark Fir 4s    
Corkbark Fir 4s 2-yr    
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir 6s 2-yr    
Douglas Fir 20s    
Fraser Fir 4s    
Fraser Fir 4s 2-yr    
Fraser Fir ARP25    
Siberian Fir 4s    
Hybrid Larch 38    
Tamarack Larch 38    
Tamarack Larch 38 2-yr    
Limber Pine 10s 2-yr    
Ponderosa Pine 6s    
Pondersoa Pine SR50 2-yr    
Red Pine 4s    
Red Pine 4s 2-yr    
Red Pine ABP/BT36    
Scotch Pine 6s    
White Pine 6s    
White PIne 6s 2-yr    
White Pine 38D    
Black Hills Spruce 4s    
Black Hills Spruce 20s    
Black Hills Spruce BT36    
Blue Spruce 4s    
Blue Spruce 4s 2-yr    
Blue Spruce 20s    
Meyer Spruce 20    
Norway Spruce 6s    
Norway  Spruce 6s 2-yr    
Norway Spruce 20    
Serbian Spruce 6s    
Serbian Spruce 20s    
White Spruce 6s    
White Spruce 6s 2-yr    
White Spruce 20s/20D    

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Hardwoods: Container Size On Hand Available
Trembling Aspen 38    
River Birch ABP    
White Birch 38    
Yellow Birch 38    
Red Osier Dogwood 38    
Red Maple 38    
Sugar Maple 38    
Hackberry 38    
Bur Oak ARP25    
Red Oak ARP25    
Swamp White Oak ARP25    

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