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Successful Planting Tips..... Survival rates for containerized tree seedlings are good on all sites including rough sites. However, weed control can help them off to a good start.....more info

Extracting/Cooler Storage..... Seedlings are extracted from the growing container and placed in plastic lined boxes for shipping. They are then stored in our temperature and humidity controlled coolers until your shipping date.

Advantages of Containerized Tree Seedlings...... Roots planted in soil plug, essentially undisturbed, so there's no planting check (reduced growth).....more info

Container Types....... We primarily use a special styrofoam block container which has the dimensions of 13 7/8 in.W x 23 5/8 in.L x 6 in.H. These blocks have a matrix of holes (cavities) in which a single seedling is grown.

Shipping/Pickup/Delivery.....more info

Terms and Conditions....more info

containerized tree seedlings

Itasca Greenhouse, Inc.

Itasca Greenhouse, Inc.
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