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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Some Advantages of Containerized Tree Seedlings



Flexibility! Survivability!

  1. Roots planted in soil plug, essentially undisturbed, so there's no planting check (reduced growth).
  2. Longer planting season - essentially from Spring frost out to early Fall, most sites, most years.
  3. Survival rates are high, as the containerized seedlings handle poor planting techniques, rough sites, and dry weather conditions better.
  4. Flexibility of having durable planting stock that can be planted into the Summer for planting on sites not ready in the Spring.
  5. Seed utilization is high, producing more usable seedlings from the same amount of seed.
  6. We can respond to your needs rapidly as our growing cycle is usually only 4 to 8 months.

advantages of containerized tree seedlings

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