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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Dear Customers,

We would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage for the last year. As each year passes, this one being more challenging than most, we are continuing to add new ideas and products to our business, and taking the opportunity to hear what our customers want from us.  You may have also noticed that a few varieties are missing from this year's listing. Due to changes in the industry, we are streamlining our production to concentrate on the species with high demand.  Some of these discontinued items may be available on a custom grown basis.

With the multiple challenges faced in our country this year, we have had to look at altering some of our practices.  Shipping has been a difficult hurdle for us this year.  Shipping costs have been about as unpredictable as the weather.  We have looked at alternative carriers and also alternative sizes for our two and three-year-old transplants to decrease plug sizes and shipping weights, without affecting the quality of the trees.  We will continue to pursue options that will be best for the trees and our customers.


You will notice several new varieties of native hardwoods that we have started for the increasing demand for native species.  These will be available in sizes from small plugs, up to 1 gallon, field-ready liners.  As the demand for new varieties changes, we will continue to adapt our inventory to meet it.  Our current crop of hardwood trees and shrubs is looking outstanding, both in our plug production and transplant line. 


As we continue to progress in "Growing for the Future", we will continue to strive for the best quality and customer service, to meet the needs of our customers.  We would like to say "thank you" to our loyal employees for their hard work and dedication to Itasca Greenhouse.  Without these loyal people progress is not possible.  They strive every day to produce quality products and implement new cost saving ideas to pass onto our customers.  Through innovative prcesses and new ideas, we will continue to work toward being a leader in the industry for years to come.



Dan and Rachael Nielsen

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