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Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. - Conifer and Hardwood Tree Seedlings

Tree Seedlings and Seeds

hardwood and evergreen tree seedlings

Itasca Greenhouse, Inc. grows 2-3 million containerized tree seedlings in two crops per year. Plug tree seedlings offer many advantages including high survival rates, longer planting season, increased flexibility of planting schedule, and no planting check since the roots are protected in the soil plug and are planted with roots essentially undisturbed.

Tree Seedling Highlights .....Order early for your Earth Day/Arbor Day celebration ...more info

Conifer Tree Seedlings ........Conifer, Spruce, Pine Fir, Larch and Cedar tree seedlings. Descriptions, container size and pricing...more info

Conifers in Plant Bands......Conifers in plant bands have a larger caliper than our plug seedlings. They are great for those looking for larger transplants for Christmas Tree plantations, SWCD plantations, or difficult sites.

Exotic Conifer Tree Seedlings ........ These have been selected for specific characteristics such as color, needle retention, late flushing and exceptional flexibility to climate and soil.

Hardwood Tree Seedlings.......Walnut, Oak, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Cherry, Maple. Descriptions, container size and pricing....more info

Potted Tree Seedlings/Hybrid Poplar Cuttings....... Pricing for available trees in gallon containers. Poplar cuttings are a fast growing species, however it does require intensive site preparation and maintenance.

Seeds/Nuts......Buy or sell seeds and nuts from Minnesota and Wisconsin forests.

Tree Seedling Availability.....List of tree species that are currently available... more info

Promotional Trees.......Tree Seedlings for Earth Day/Arbor Day, Promotional, Weddings, and Memorial or any special event... more info

promotional trees
Tree Planting Tips ....Over time millions of trees have been planted, but probably more plantations have failed than have been successful. If plantations are not installed within numerous limiting parameters, they can lead to miserable failures, replanting, poor performance and slow growth. Anybody can plant a tree, but there is more to planting than putting a seedling in the ground and walking away.......more info


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