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Tree Care Products

 Repellex Systemic Animal Repellent



New! Repellex ®Systemic Animal Repellent ...Exciting new technology is now available for animal browse control...more info

New! Plant Saver Organic Deer Repellent ® Organic Deer Repellent For Backyard & Beyond - Made from soap and other natural ingredients. Tested and recommended by The National Home Gardening Club Of America ...more info

New! Staple-Driver .....Drive your turf staples faster, easier and with less bending over or crawling on your knees. It is very cost effective at only $58.95 plus shipping. One size fits all. You use your body weight and leg muscles to drive staples instead of your hand and shoulder...more info

Tree Seedling Protection Nets and Protector Tubes..... Plantra® Tree Shelters, TubexTM Tree Shelters, Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes, Plantra® Tree Bark Protector , VisPore®, Tree Mats, Plantra®, Weed Mats, Heavy Net, Light Net, Tiller Stretch Net & Bud Cap Net...more info

Deer Repellents - Repellex, Plant Saver, Plantskydd, Deer Net Fence.......Proven results with the products shown here....more info

Transplant Fertilizer - Forestry Tools and Supplies - Planting Tools.......Right Starttm Fertilizer Packets, tools designed for planting containerized tree seedlings, stake wire flagging and vinyl roll flagging....more info

Mycorrhizal Inoculants.......Tree seedlings inoculated with beneficial mycorrhizae greatly improves the survival, growth rate and disease resistance as compared to seedlings with no or few mycorrhizae. The more severe the site conditions, the more obvious the beneficial effect from the mycorrhizae...more info

Moisturin & Root-Zone Anti-Transpirants........ Moisturin is a spray on multipurpose Anti-Transpirant which also blocks out insect and diseases. Root-Zone is completely safe for agricultural and hortical use on ornamental, vegetable, and herb crops. It is biodegradable and safe to the user and contains no toxic compounds....more info


Tree care and protection products


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